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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Yogis! I am so grateful to be blessed by each and every one of you!  Our small community of yogis is growing and it fills my heart to see the connections grow among all of you! Here’s a few yoga poses and tips to help you unstuff from a big turkey dinner. These

Facebook is hiding me from you…

Why do we practice the sound AUM in yoga? AUM, or OM, is a vital part of the science of yoga. 1. The sound OM is the beautiful, ever-present humming SOUND of our universe. Yogis consider it to be the first ever, original sound even before the universe existed, and it is thought this same

It’s November!

 November is my favorite month because the whole country  is focused on gratitude! (or should be) And when our minds are focused on abundance and not on what is lacking– everyone finds more joy, purpose, and happiness! Our lights shine brighter!    On our mat, an abundance of health benefits are revealed through yoga asana… But


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