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So excited for our 30 Day Plank Challenge 
starting Mar. 1!
Take the 30 Day Plank Challenge, just in time for Spring Break….
Once a day for 30 days (from home or studio)…
We’ll plank together to be consistent and accountable!
There are so many health benefits to Plank:
– Improves performance in sports and all our daily activities
-Develops awesome upper and lower body strength
-Improves functional core stability (unlike sit ups)
– Creates better posture, so we can stand a little taller, longer, with more ease
– Builds bone density to prevent osteoarthritis
– Improves digestion and metabolic fire
This week, we review how to hold safely for functional movment:
-what muscles are crucial to holding effectively without creating tension in the body
-look at the variations, options for any strength level
-how to spot compensating patterns of plank  that can lead to dysfunctional movement patterns, pain, and injury.
-Optimal breathing for plank
This week:
Mon. 9:00 – Intermediate and 6:00pm Vinyasa
Tue 9:00 – Basics
Wed. 9:00- Intermediate
Thur 9:45 – Intermediate
Fri 9:00 – Basics 10:45 Yoga for Runners and Cyclists* (NEW)
Sat 9:30 – Sign Up
Sun 10:00 – Intermediate


  1. Susan Petersen on February 23, 2014 at 10:20 pm said:

    Looks great!


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