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Dear Yogis:

The power of all your good thoughts, energy, and prayers for Jordyn and me was so awesome. With a 60% chance of rain, there wasn’t even a drop that fell– thank you so much!

Stuck in traffic along the way, I read each one of your encouraging emails and some of your shared parenting stories. With each one I kid you not, the grey skies became lighter and brighter, and it turned out to be a totally sunny day. (Should have asked for world peace!)

Once we arrived, I couldn’t help but be filled with joy not just for my own daughter, but for all the kids along this awesome journey.

Life’s transitions usually aren’t easy for us, let alone graceful–at least for me. It was definitely a test of my ability on this spiritual path to stay mindful, present, and allow the experience to unfold without imparting drama, fear, or judgement to it.

Moving her in, I focused on staying present. I noticed the excitement in their sweet eyes, the anticipation in their young faces, and the freshness of their freshman-ness. I felt the enthusiasm in their voices and heard the nervousness in the laughter, which seemed to come more from the parents than students. I even enjoyed the tears, both visible and unseen. Such a cool experience to be a part of,  and such beautiful spirits to witness. My thoughts stayed light and I was free to enjoy more of the happiness the day held for us.

I truly felt the kind of freedom and lightness we talk about and practice each class.  I’m so grateful for the work we do together, creating the life we want to see manifest. Saying it is one thing, living it outwardly– another.

I cant help feeling celebratory, believing in the potential goodness all our college-bound kids hold within, ready to burst and ripple out.

I’m excited to see their worlds expand, trusting the seeds we’ve planted will keep them rooted along the way.

What a beautiful promise I see in our shared future!

Namaste and thanks,



  1. You were in my thoughts this weekend. I am glad that the day was exciting and special. This transition to college is a challenging ones for us moms. Holding you in my thoughts and I can’t wait to hear of her exciting adventures. Namaste my friend.


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