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60 minutes edited

Hello Yogis,

Time Magazine’s cover this month entitled “The Mindful Revolution” describes the mindfulness phenomenon hitting the US.

Last month Anderson Cooper did a segment on 60 Minutes highlighting his experience during a Mindfulness Retreat, (with the same teachers who trained me) and the after effects on his brain. Scientists wired-up his brain to electrodes to demonstrate the results– what you’ll see is amazing!  You can view this short clip here: 60 Minutes.

The latest UCLA study comparing two groups of Alzheimer’s patients, one treated with drugs and the other with diet, yoga, and meditation reveals within six months, the non-drug patients improved far greater than the ones treated with drugs.

Last week in New York at Google’s Leadership Institute experts explained the science behind why mindfulness is the foundation for emotional intelligence.  “The skills to work with our minds, our emotions, and other people are essential–but rarely developed and our workplaces are churning out burned-out leaders, who report little bandwidth for big-picture thinking, for innovation, and truly understanding others and building strong culture”. Mindful leadership is our future.

These are just a few examples.  As a teacher of Mindfulness-based Yoga, I cant help be encouraged.  The benefits of mindful meditation go far beyond the physical realm and directly to your mental well-being, helping you live better and enjoy life more.

When you practice yoga, you’re not just doing
postures and breathing–
you’re observing the sensations,
thoughts, and feelings that arise.
In this way yoga asana
and pranayama are vehicles
important vehicles.
But the real practice your doing
is the practice of mindfulness:,
Training the mind to focus
without judgment or re-activity.
With consistency, it becomes a habit.
The habit becomes a pattern.
The pattern becomes the trait.
And you become the very best version of you.


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