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Session#3: Sat – March 7,14,21,28 – 9am -10:40

*Register early, limited spots are available!

Yoga is an investment in your health.

Trust in a studio with the most highly-trained

and experienced teachers in the community.

This is a 4-class series designed not only for the beginner student, but for any level student who wants to build a healthier foundation to practice yoga. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga, including  breathing techniques, the basics of Sun Salutations, Warrior Series,and safe alignment principals.  Postures are broken down step by step, combining strength and stretches to make you comfortable, confident, ready to flow!

4 Classes Just $75!  or

4 Classes + 1 Private Session – $125 

5 Private Yoga101 Sessions – $300

Listen to what Yoga Sol students are saying…

        “… I just showed up in different classes, thinking I would figure it out as I went.  But when I tried this class, I realized what I was doing wasn’t helping me at all, and actually was hurting my back and hips. This class saved me.”

“… I was practicing at home using videos and didn’t realize how many of the poses I was doing improperly.  Lisa revealed so many blindspots.  This was a great investment that gave me the confidence I needed.”

“…Everything started to flow so much easier once I understood the correct movements and the right form for my own body!

“… I couldn’t figure out why I had pain when I was doing some of the poses. This class helped me understand how to align my body in a way that was more balanced and natural.”

        “...When I tried yoga before, I just watched and copied the teacher, trying to make my body look like everyone else in the room.  What a difference when I finally understood how and why we do what we do!”

“… I never really understood how the breathing worked..  or how often I wasn’t breathing at all. You cant believe how much that’s changed my practice, and my life”

“… I thought I was strengthening my core… when I  was really relying on the same muscles over and over again. This really helped me understand what core strength was all about”

Get the results you want from your practice.

Join us and understand why it’s not what you do in yoga that matters… but how you do it.

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