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Mindfulness  for Families 

Sundays 4pm – 5:30pm beginning Jan. 28

More teenagers than ever suffer from stress and anxiety. According to the National Institute of Health, a staggering 38% of girls and 26% of boys (ages 13-17) were treated for anxiety in 2017.

Mindfulness Training has been proven effective in addressing this health issue. It has been proven to help kids manage their emotions, reduce stress, improve academics, and even develop greater empathy. Schools across the country have been adopting mindfulness-based practices not only to alleviate stress and prevent depression, but to help students focus and pay attention more, sleep better, communicate and collaborate better, and achieve greater mental balance.

Not sure what Mindfulness is or where to begin?

Learn and understand more.  Join us for an interactive free Taster session to:

  • Discover why so many doctors are recommending it to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Try out a few practices for yourself, and experience the benefits first hand
  • Better understand what the science of mindfulness is, and is not
  • Discover how mindfulness addresses the root-causes of anxiety and stress
  • Explore the benefits from the latest neuroscience, including immune function and genetic expression

When parents practice mindfulness, they’re modelling a meta-life skill; a skill that enhances all other skills.  Just ONE person practicing mindfulness can calm the home, classroom, or workplace.

Register Now for a Free Taster Session or Call us with questions at 404-245-5530.

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