Class Descriptions

All classes focus on safe alignment structured by the principals of anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology.

Regardless of level, each class offers an opportunity to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your balance and core stability.  Most of all, let go of any expectations and have fun exploring. All you really need to do is breathe.

Intro to Yoga -  This is a 4 class series designed for the absolute beginner to build a foundation for Vinyasa Flow. Once a week for four weeks you will be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga, including relaxing breathing techniques, the basics of Sun Salutations, Warrior Series, and safe alignment principals.  Postures are broken down step by step, combining strength and stretches to make you comfortable, confident, ready to flow!  Preparation for Basics/Beginner class if you’ve never practiced yoga before.

Basics/Beginner Vinyasa Flow – Synchronizing movement with breath to create a flowing and graceful practice. We warm-up with Sun Salutations to build heat in the muscles, joints, and connective tissue (sweat is a desired effect!) so we can hold the standing postures safely to tone and strengthen our muscles. Less complicated balance postures, gentle and restorative back bends, basic twists and inversions to encourage lymphatic flow and rinse the internal organs. Deep stretching at the end to release tension and lengthen the muscles to their fullest potential. Detoxifying for the mind and body. You’ll leave feeling lighter, calmer, and more centered.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow -  (Great cross-training for athletes, if you’re a runner, biker, tennis player, etc.) An intermediate class combines traditional yoga asanas with the most up-to-date fitness moves to create a longer, stronger, leaner, and healthier body. Linking breath with movement in a flowing (vinyasa) style practice. More complex flows, deeper, longer held postures, balance work, back bends, arm balances.  Twists and inversions to encourage lymphatic flow and rinse internal organs. Options are always given so that everyone works to their own ability.  You’ll leave feeling focused, centered, and rebalanced.

Injury Prevention for Athletes:  Great stretch and relax class geared towards release and recovery for injury prevention.  Mental skills, visualization, meditation, and breath training techniques woven throughout the class.  Recommended for Post-training to teach muscles how to turn off so they can rest deeply to speed recovery. This class will improve range of motion in shoulders, hips, legs, and spine as well as rebalance  the nervous system.  Many of these stretches can be done anywhere once you learn the proper alignment to incorporate as part of your post-training routine anywhere you go.

Gentle Yoga and Meditation:  Gentle Yoga: Learn how to decrease physiological and mental stress symptoms and find greater balance in body and mind.

Gentle Yoga helps us slow down, find balance and create equanimity so we can live with a greater sense of peace, acceptance of what is, good health and harmony with what is around us in daily life. In this class we will come into postures with a lot of focus on the breath allowing for deep and delicious stretch and release of tension. This class is very relaxing…

Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation can help you discover what it’s like to see the world you actually have, not the one you think you are missing, and to live the life that is yours to live in its fullness, moment by moment and day by day.This 45 minute class provides a brief and basic introduction to the simple practice of mindfulness, seated awareness and focus on the breath.  We will spend the first 10 minutes of class discussing the practice and it’s  applications in life. We will then prepare for a 15-20  minute seated meditation. The last 10 minutes of class will be questions and answers and encouraging tips on how to develop your own practice at home and in daily life.



Pilates/Power Flow – Innovative body-sculpt class that combines strength training with Pilates and ballet conditioning.  Students travel through a series of controlled and coordinated movements requiring mindfulness, breath, and balance. The rsults are increased body awareness, endurance, symmetry, strength and definition that will provide the confidence to meet the challenges of sports, life, spirit, and daily activities.