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8-week Stress Reduction Course

The Proven Strategy for Peace of Mind and Peak Performance 

New Classes Begin:   January 2018

Foundations of Mindfulness Training:
This embodied learning course has been proven effective worldwide. Grounded in neuroscience, it’s based on the core principles found within Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) and Mark Williams’ Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course (MBCT), however the weekly training and home practices are shorter to be more accessible and affordable.   MBSR and MBCT are the two most well-researched and evidence-based mindfulness programs available. 

For most the course can lead to immediate and striking results: feeling happier, calmer, more focused, sleeping better, as well improving connection and communication for better relationships. 

8-week Course:  $349 

  • Proven effective worldwide— a step-by-step embodied approach for mindful living and creating a meditation practice for alleviating stress and anxiety
  • An 8-week Training in Lower Dose— training sessions and practices are shorter, more accessible for busy professionals and parents
  • Immediate and striking results— most report feeling happier, calmer, more focused, sleeping better, improved connection and communication for better relationships
  • Executive Leadership Skills – used by businesses, pro-athletes, schools, the medical community; wherever high-performance, high-intensity environments predominate
  • Emotional Intelligence – increased self-awareness, emotional fluency and agility
  • Alleviating Pain – a first line treatment for lower back pain; improved outcomes for people treated for chronic illnesses
  • Weight Loss –  helped people lose 7 times more weight than people on a standard regime


Listen To What Our Students Are Saying:


Course Schedule:

Session 1:  Wed. Evenings 6:30-8:15pm – Class Dates

Session 2:  Thur. Mornings 11am -12:30pm  –  Class Dates

Session 3:  New Family Mindfulness – Sundays 4:00 -5:45  –  Class Dates

You may have heard of mindfulness from your doctor or have seen some of the recent media coverage. The news attention is the result of the large body of research in neuroscience from Harvard, U of Mass, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and other institutions regarding the wide-reaching benefits of mindfulness:

  • alleviating anxiety and stress
  • focus and attention skills (ADHD)
  • sleeping better, less fatigue
  • peak performance 
  • preventing burnout
  • emotional intelligence, greater self-awareness
  • communication/collaboration/leadership skills
  • connection and relationships
  • happiness and well-being 
  • compassion and empathy skills

When we practice mindfulness, we’re modelling one of the greatest life skills. Just ONE person practicing mindfulness can calm the workplace, the home, the whole classroom.

*Call 404-245-5530  with questions, or if you prefer to register by phone

You’re just one decision away from changing your life. 

TO REGISTER: Select Session

— “Thank you, thank you, thank you, for these classes!  It was a  fantastic experience that has changed my life forever.”

— “This course was a game-changer! I have skills to get me through daily challenges that used to cause me a ton of stress.”  

— ” I have a new understanding for myself, my life, my relationships, and I can see real joy– not just  “making it through” .”

— ” I’ve lowered my blood pressure, it’s easier to calm myself down, I’m listening better, my ADD is much less prevalent, I eat slower, but mostly I appreciate everything so much more!”

— “I’m discovering I can exist in less fear, move myself out of worry and tap into clarity for myself, and manage day to day struggles instead of being overwhelmed and consumed by them.”

— “An eye-opening experience.  It revealed so many self-defeating habits.  I have new eyes for my work, my family, my life, my relationships.  I can actually say I am genuinely happier”

— “An amazing course– an operating manual for life!  I have learned how to enjoy life again– will never look back”

— “I get particularly anxious while flying and last trip was a breeze! No stress or anxiety. Also tend to worry too much so it used to be hard to fall asleep.         I find I am a better friend, mother, and wife as I stay calm more often now.

—  “This program has given me so much.  It has been the best gift that I have given to myself. Everyone should have to take it”

— ” This course is a deeper approach to life’s most difficult challenges”

— “I can pause before I respond, the outcome; my mouth does not get me in as much trouble! My thoughts are much more positive!”

— “Insightful and informative life skills.  I’ve learned how to take back control of my life”

— “Everyone needs this training (especially my family)!  It should be a required life skills course.”

— “Brilliantly done!  Very nice balance between fun and serious, and allowing us to reach own conclusions and informing.” 

As adults, if we aren’t practicing mindfulness ourselves, we can’t teach it to our children. This doesn’t mean they have to see us meditating every day, but it does mean we need personal experience with the challenges and benefits of mindfulness, understanding it fully before we can teach it to others and helping create mindful leaders of the future.

About the Teacher:  Lisa Wellstead is Registered Yoga and Certified Mindfulness Teacher with over 12 years teaching mindfulness-based approaches to alleviate anxiety, stress, and pain.  Lisa is a certified teacher and teacher-trainer of the highly acclaimed mindfulness curricula created by Mindfulness in Schools Project, the world leader and premier provider of mindfulness programs.  Lisa is currently working with Cobb County schools to bring mindfulness into the community for teachers, counselors, and students.  Her adult mindfulness course is being used by businesses across Atlanta to help reduce stress in the work place and develop mindful leaders.


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