Welcome to East Cobb Yoga and Mindfulness!

Trust in a studio with the most highly-trained and experienced instructors.

Come prepared to move, breathe, sweat, and quiet the mind together.
Each class is a mindful, soulful, experience that nurtures
your body and grounds you deeply in presence and grace.

Our studio is welcoming and non-competitive,
an intimate space where you’re known by name
and connection to community can be felt.

Comfortable temperatures around 74-76 degrees,
like a warm summer’s day.
You wont find any yoga divas,
just regular bodies inhabiting regular clothes.

Bring an open mind and sense of playful curiosity, we provide the rest.
As an ECYM student, you’ll soon discover a deep inner peace that
will shine through as a calm confidence.


Listen to what students are saying…

East Cobb Yoga is by far the best yoga studio in the Marietta area! I have been practicing yoga for a few years and have visited many teachers and studios both in the Marietta area and across the country, and no teachers compare to Lisa. Her education, the time dedicated to her craft, the atmosphere she provides her clients, and her commitment to refining her practice are what set her apart from other teachers and studios. Ever since stepping on to the mat in Lisa’s class I have not only gotten stronger in my practice, but also been able to work on movements that have rid my body of pains I’ve had for years! I whole-heartedly recommend this studio and Lisa Jones as I am certain that she can help anyone achieve the results that I have! Thank you Lisa, and East Cobb Yoga
Thanos Caras

Lisa Jones is one of the best Yoga instructors I have ever taken Yoga from. I have been taking yoga classes for quite some time and she is one if the bests. Her instructions and cues are so clear and timed perfectly with the flow of her class. I highly recommend her classes.
Jan LaClaire

I really love ECY classes. Lisa is a lovely person who exudes love, compassion and acceptance. I love how I feel when I walk out of class – to me it is a perfect balance of aerobic exercise, deep stretches, and relaxation. Lisa is very knowledgeable about the body and explains not only how to do each pose, but also its purpose and its benefit. I love how she is able to challenge everybody at their level and the emphasis that everyone must improve at their own pace. The classes are very affordable compared to other options around!
Mariette D.

This is, by far, the best yoga class I’ve ever attended. I’m a fitness instructor and I’ve taken yoga classes all over the US, and no other instructor comes close to having Lisa’s knowledge, passion, and commitment to providing the very best class day after day. She is constantly studying and attending courses to learn more so she can provide the safest, most effective, most beneficial classes possible. I started taking Lisa’s class after recovering from a tennis-related wrist injury. She kept a very close eye on me for the first several weeks, making sure my alignment was pure in each and every pose. I felt 100% comfortable being under her watchful eye, knowing she wouldn’t let me do anything to risk re-injury. I highly recommend Lisa Jones and East Cobb Yoga Sol!
Lisa Stone

Awesome, cozy studio, and the best yoga teacher in East Cobb-Lisa! She gives the clearest instructions of any class I’ve ever taken. Her classes are challenging with great flow and transitions, and her goal in to strengthen us without compromising or misusing any body part!! Love that!
Carol Adams

Ahhhhhhhh….what a way to end the week! Always a wonderful workout for the body, an inspiring message for the mind and an inner peace carry forward and share! Thank you Lisa!
Lindsay Holt Anderson

Susan is an awesome teacher! I started going to her when I had back problems about 7 years ago. She helped me in yoga …through this difficult time modifying positions for me as I was limited with my back. My back got better and I have been with her ever since. Susan is great about modifying positions if need be. She is a very observant teacher! I so look forward to going to her class!
Dana Greenberg

My husband and I are so glad we took Yoga 101 with Lisa. We are true beginners. It was a great experience for both of us. I know we will continue taking yoga classes and will be confident that we are doing things correctly in both mind and body. Thank you so much for preparing us for our yoga future!
Anna Jordan

Everything you would want in a yoga experience – inspiring instructors that help shape your mind and body.
Connie Forestner

Cannot say enough positive comments on the yoga classes with East Cobb Yoga Sol. I walk out with not only satisfaction for an amazing physical work out but with a new mental state of well being. LOVE my yoga classes!!!
Cheryl Alzadeh

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 13 years and have tried a lot of yoga studios. I love the energy that Lisa brings to each and every class. She is able to teach to all different levels with gentleness while maintaining attention to everyone’s form. If you’ve never tried yoga, go to Lisa’s Yoga 101 series and get hooked. If you’re a seasoned practitioner, go to any of Lisa’s classes and you’ll experience a wonderful practice that is both calming and invigorating.
Carrie Peebles

Yoga Sol is a fantastic yoga studio that welcomes yogis of all levels to come experience yoga at it’s BEST. The environment is fresh, relaxing and conducive for students of all levels to experience their own personal practice at their own pace. You get personalized coaching without ever feeling intimidated. I have never had a more encouraging, knowledgeable or compassionate teacher as Lisa Jones. Her passion for teaching yoga and her energy is undeniable. She is a gem, and we are lucky to have her in East Cobb! You will leave her classes feeling empowered and energized. She not only teaches you to strengthen your body, she helps you to reignite your spirit. Her classes are a 70 minute “body and soul” conditioning and revitalization experience. This place and Lisa Jones are the best of the best.
Dori Truhan

East Cobb Yoga is a gem in our community. I have been attending Lisa’s wonderful classes for about a year and have gained so much knowledge – my practice is much more mindful. She explains why form is so important and reminds us that “less is more” even when we’re stretching to our own limits. She has helped me through a shoulder injury – I’m so grateful for her guidance and personal attention. I truly believe her Yoga 101 series would be the best way for anyone new to yoga to learn this beautiful practice in the safest and most genuine way. I also recently took Lindey’s hot yoga class at East Cobb Yoga and thought it was fantastic! She was really tuned in to all the students in the class and I found myself smiling all through class just because of her disposition. Absolutely come take a class!
Cristen Zegers

Lisa does an amazing job! One of the most passionate instructors I’ve ever met. She takes the time to ensure people are in proper alignment and has both beginner and advanced level classes. Highly recommended! As a chiropractor I’ve even sent some of my patients to her to continue their correction and get them back on their feet after being down and out for so long.
Nathan Berner, Berner Family Chiropractic


East Cobb Yoga
Olde Towne Athletic Club
4950 Olde Towne Pkwy,
Marietta, GA 30068
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tel: 404-245-5530
email: lisa@eastcobbyoga.com

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